Find Out What to Read Next With This “Instagram for Books”

I have a huge list of books on my “to read” list, but somehow, when I go to the library or bookstore, I manage to get something else.

The beautiful cover will win me over very easily.

I recently discovered that there is an app designed for people like me. Dubbed Instagram for Books , Litsy’s app combines Instagram with Goodreads to offer books on the fly.

Just like Instagram, with the service you “follow” different readers and publishers. People share photos of books they read or read on the service. You can also share quotes from a book you like, or the full review if you’re particularly adventurous.

Your subscribers in the service will see your posts, will be able to comment and like them, just like in other social networks. And the best news is, when you see the cover art of something you want to read in your feed, you can add it to your Reading List so you can grab it later.

It’s unclear if this will change the way I buy books, but it’s definitely a fun way to put together a definitive summer reading list.


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