When Do You Add Your Colleagues on Facebook?

Deciding who and when to make friends with on Facebook can be stressful. Making this decision in the workplace is fraught at all levels. When does a coworker make a Facebook friendship?

You can’t just add your entire team on join day, right? Wait a week? Month? Are you adding your boss? Are you adding people you are not interested in? What happens when someone notices that you are not seeing them? What will you do if you receive a friend request from a colleague or boss you would not like to be associated with on your personal page on the social network? And if you choose not to be friends with anyone – to avoid embarrassment – what happens if you and your coworker do become true friends?

This is not the type of thing that can be answered unequivocally. No etiquette specialist can take into account the nuances of every workplace; no psychologist can predict how each employee will react. So we ask you Lifehacker readers: When you add colleagues on Facebook, who is participating, and what are your reasons?


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