Explore Pixel Art With These 566 Tutorials

Creating pixel art is like writing children’s books: shocking nuances and much more difficult than it sounds. But pixel art site Lospec has amassed a staggering 566 tutorials on how to draw at micro sizes. Each tutorial is tagged and categorized by medium (such as video or slideshow). Look for tags such as sprites , dithering , textures, or trees for specific tips and tutorials.

If you’re new to this, start with Lospec‘s introduction ofPixel Art: Where to Start. This will give you some guides and a canvas to play, and then point you to some tools and communities.

Lospec also has a web pixel editor , a list of available software (free and paid), and a database of color palettes from real projects. Even if you have absolutely no time to learn pixel art, you can spend an hour looking at all the beautiful art and nodding wisely to the techniques outlined in the tutorials.

Pixel Art Tutorials | Lospec


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