This Twitter Bot Will Interview You As If You Were a Celebrity

Have you ever given an imaginary TV interview in the shower about all your very important opinions? Do you want more people to tag you in the “ask me something” memes? The bot will now interview you like a pop star using questions from old issues of the British music magazine Smash Hits.

Subscribe to the Smash Hits Interview Bot and tweet and the bot will answer with a question in an interview. (This may take a few minutes; the bot is new and popular, and it continues to hit the highest tweet rate on Twitter while people are talking to it.) Repeat as needed. You can continue with a small conversation and feel that someone is interested in every detail of your life. Shut up, this is not lonely, this is PLEASURE, look:

The bot was created by Rob Manuel, one of the creators of the classic silly web forum B3ta . His other bots for Twitter includeSwear Clock , which uses incredibly dirty language for timing, and the Clickbait Robot fake headline generator . Like Twitter bots, they are all particularly creative and interesting.

Smash Hits Interview Bot | Twitter


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