How to Remove Shine

An old joke says that there is only one way to get rid of the glitter: move houses. I am one of that rare breed of parents who do not despise glitter, but my husband groans every time I allow our child to go crazy with him in her art projects. “Herpes of craft supplies,” he says, referring to a piece of Demetri Martin. Yes, it is difficult to clean the glitter, especially if you think you have removed most of it and then, after a few weeks, you will find random glitter in your books, behind your ears, and on your cat. Fortunately, there are several ways to get rid of it with things that you probably have on hand.

Modeling dough

If the glitter hits a hard surface, take a ball of plasticine and roll it around to pick up tiny specks. The best part: you now have glitter play dough.


It’s a cleaning trick and kids science demo all rolled into one. Inflate a balloon, rub it over the carpet to create static electricity, and place it over the sparkles.

Lint roller

If you don’t have one on hand, sticky tape wrapped around your arm will do.

Swiffer Napkins

They are magical for removing dry glitter (and other tiny particles).

Polish for hair

Use spray hairspray to remove glitter from your wash. The splash sparkled the area, let it dry completely and then toss the item in the wash (but don’t add other clothes, so you don’t want everything shiny.)

Coconut oil

If glitter sticks to your skin, dab some coconut oil on a cotton pad to cleanse it. Make-up remover wipes or baby wipes work as well.

Do you have any glitter cleaning tricks that we haven’t covered here? Let us know in the comments.


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