Here’s a Great Way to Teach Kids About Dental Hygiene.

Getting kids to brush their teeth willingly is a heroic task. Lord, why would they do it again if they did it just yesterday ? I am in favor of a nice welcome that will get kids to invest more in their oral hygiene, and this one from Agnes Xu at Hello, Wonderful comes along.

There are some fun stuffed toys with human- like tooth sets (like the Flossisaurus ) that are designed to teach kids how to brush and floss properly. But they are expensive (and yes, maybe a little creepy). Xu came up with the idea to make it herself. She bought a model of teeth, which can be found for about $ 10 on Amazon , and stuck it in the mouth of her son’s stuffed dinosaur. Here is a video of a simple DIY project.

“I chose ‘real’ teeth because I wanted my son to learn how to brush his teeth in the most realistic way possible,” she writes. She asked her son to floss his teeth so he could do it right. Here’s a one- minute flossing technique from a dentist in case you need to refresh your memory.

Xu stuck the tooth sample in the dinosaur’s mouth, but you can also use hot glue or Velcro strips. Any stuffed animal with a large open mouth from a to – maybe a dolphin, a dragon, or even this little girl .

Dinosaur Teeth Cleaning Toy – Hack for Kids | Hello. that’s great


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