What Was It Like Going Offline This Weekend?

We want to hear how your weekend went offline – whether you participated in National Disconnect Day or just managed to counter your phone siren once or twice.

In fact, I had no intention of going offline, so my own results were disappointing. I plugged my phone into a charger in another room for most of Saturday, and when I went to fitness classes, I made sure to leave my phone in the locker. (You walk into a room and all the expectations for the instructor are just sitting on the floor, staring at your phone. I’m pretty addicted to technology, and even I think it’s weird.)

So how was your weekend? Has it helped you get used to changing times if you ditch your devices before bed? Were there any unexpected benefits to putting the phone aside for a while? Perhaps you even (shuddered) left the house without him?

And now that we’re back in the digital world, does anything feel different? Are there feelings or habits that you would like to reproduce on a regular basis, or are you just happy to have your phone back?


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