How to Play Game Boy Games on Your Phone Without Spending $ 80

While the Wanle Gamers Console case slightly increases the bulk of the iPhone, specifically the iPhone 6, it is a great way to protect your device and give you a great Game Boy emulator to carry around. I mean, the case even looks like a Game Boy. This will be an interesting conversation at the bar as the people sitting next to you watch you use Face ID on your device, flip it over and start throwing some sick monochrome Tetris moves.

The Wanle Gamers Console costs $ 80 for a pretty high price tag for nostalgia – more than the cost of a typical Game Boy or Game Boy Advance on eBay, or even a brand new Nintendo 2DS. Luckily, if you just want some real retro gaming on your smartphone and don’t need fully functional hardware to get rid of memory, you have a few other options. (Unless you win a Game Boy iPhone case at its selling price of $ 25, which isn’t bad for its quirkiness.)


One of the best-in-class Game Boy and Game Boy Advance emulators for the iPhone can be a daunting task to install, as Apple is not going to allow GBA4iOS even close to the sacred halls of the App Store due to some oddity. cause.

If you also have a Mac, you can try downloading the app to your iPhone, but it’s a long, convoluted process that requires you to impersonate an Apple developer and re-sign the app certificate every seven days – unless you’re paid by an Apple program member. for developers , which reduces re-signature time to once a year.

You’re probably best off paying $ 10 a year for a Buildstore account , which gives you a much easier way to install GBA4iOS (and other useful third-party apps and emulators, including the almighty ScummVM).

And be sure to keep an eye out for Delta , the sequel to GBA4IOS currently in beta that should allow you to use ROMs for even more game consoles.

Giovanni (WatchOS)

As we told by our friends from Gizmodo , a modified emulator Giovanni allows you to “turn your Apple Watch in settling Game Boy┬╗. While Giovanni is more of a proof-of-concept than a high-performance emulator, it is at least an option if you crave the ability to run classic games wherever you are. And that’s a smart project too – fully integrating the Watch’s digital crown as a controller input, and using a tiny virtual keyboard to display a complete, albeit limited, set of Game Boy buttons.

However, be prepared for low frame rates – which seems a little odd since you’re playing not very demanding Game Boy games. And Giovanni’s installation is also not an easy process .

Ditch iOS altogether: Switch to Android

Let’s face it; Jailbreak used to be a super cool and uncomplicated thing to do with an iOS device. While you can (and should) jailbreak your old iPhone to turn it into a handy handheld for retro gaming, this homemade hack has lost its luster on newer devices, and we don’t recommend doing this for any iPhone you use. as the main smartphone.

(I stopped jailbreaking my iPhones as soon as I realized that getting new features and security updates was more rewarding than all the headaches, and stressed that a jailbreak process is usually created, not to mention the performance degradation of all the strange third-party apps I would things on my device.)

If you don’t mind moving platforms or buying a cheap Android smartphone, Google’s rival operating system makes it easy to emulate games. In fact, you can get some great working emulators from the Google Play store right now – no jailbreak required. Load multiple ROMs onto your device through your computer’s file manager, and you’ll instantly be moving fast moving blocks and throwing papers into letterboxes.


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