Livestreaming March Madness Games Using Alexa

I grew up in North Carolina, where we all take college basketball very seriously . When you live a few miles from UNC and Duke, and also very close to the Wake Forest, let’s just say that your March Madness braces aren’t just a fun activity you do with friends – you’re drawing lines that could potentially put end of friendship. sand.

Okay, maybe it’s not so serious. But this is definitely a big deal. I remember my colleagues calling because of illness to catch a team game or reschedule large meetings so they could gather around the TV. It was always something that everyone seemed to be passionate about, much more than it is now in my California home.

If March Madness is still a big deal for you (it definitely is for me), then this year Alexa could be a worthy resource for keeping track of a big event.

Listen to live broadcasts

Amazon teamed up with Westwood One this year to create a new skill for live and post-game broadcasting. To use this, you need to activate the Westwood One Sports skill . When do you do that, if you ask a question like “Who wins the Carolina game?” you will receive a bill and will also be able to tune in to the live streaming of the game starting March 13th.

If you’re stuck in a meeting and miss the game entirely, Alexa can give you the final score and play an additional audio summary of the game when you ask who won.

If you activate the NCAA March Madness skill, you can also query Alexa for live tournament results, schedule information, and live radio broadcasts of games. Queries like “Alexa, ask March Madness, what games are on now? Or “Alexa, ask the March Madness to play Oregon vs. Jonah” will work with that.

I know

If you’re not really looking for live streaming, but still want to keep up to date, Alexa has several options for that in the March frenzy. Specifically, you can ask her about things like:

“Alexa, when will Michigan play next?”

“Alexa, who is in the elite eight?”

“Alexa, what teams are still in March Madness?”

“Alexa, who is Duke playing next in the tournament?”

You can also ask her predictions about who will win this year and historical information such as who won the tournament in past years.

And yes, if you like dad jokes, asking Alex to “Tell me a basketball joke” will bring you one of those jokes too.


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