How to Turn Google Maps Into Mario Kart

Back in 2014 , Google teamed up with Nintendo to hide Pokémon on maps, and it was surprisingly fun – paving the way for Pokémon Go . The two companies are now working together again to turn your walkthrough driving directions into a tribute to Mario Kart.

The latest Google Maps Easter egg will be released in time for Mario Day, which appears to fall on March 10th. an image of Mario riding a kart, without the red homing shells.

To call the mustachioed plumber , make sure your Maps app is up to date. Pull up the driving route as usual and look for the suspicious yellow block with a question mark to the left of the regular Start button. Click on it and you are “forward” with the image of a cartoon plumber on a go-kart instead of an arrow in a circle.

I have a feeling this little trick might have something to do with the smartphone game Mario Kart , which is due out anytime between April 2018 and March 2019. Until then, this cross-branding Easter egg will make a difference.


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