How to Remove Burnt-on Debris From the Instant Cookware Rack

Sealing a pile of food in a pressure cooker like the Instant Pot means you can’t really stir the contents, which can cause a slight burn from time to time. It doesn’t really matter, but it can lead to ugly burnt debris. Luckily, quitting is pretty easy, you just need to recruit a good friend.

When you cannot remove burnt food from the insert with soap and elbow grease, this material works like magic to restore the insert to its former radiant beauty. (This also works with other pots and pans, not just the Instant Pot insert.) Just rinse the pan with a little water to make it damp — you don’t need a lot of water. Rub in a circular motion with a soft sponge or cloth for about a minute, then rinse (thoroughly) and dry.

Bring the insert home and keep cooking all sorts of goodies in America’s beloved pressure cooker. If you need inspiration, I can suggest a large pot of beans , a bunch of delicious wings, or a delicious lava chocolate cake .


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