Here Is a Playlist of Songs You Know but Cannot Name

Hey, what is this song? Ask the MetaFilter 52 commentators for different tunes , mostly classical and big bands , which you will recognize immediately, but you may have problems with the name. And we put them into a Spotify playlist along with songs from here and from here .

Melodies such as “The Spanish Flea” and “Gymnopedi No. 1” appear on soundtracks, contain music, cartoons and videos on YouTube. They are better known for their mood than the original composition. “Entry of the Gladiators” – ironic soundtrack for the movie “Clowns Came” for exaggerated pomp; the part “Morning Mood” in “Suite Peer Gynt No. 1” means awakening when the birds chirp and the sun is shining; “Happy-Go-Lively” means it’s 50th and we’re shopping.

Many of these connections were made during theSpike Jones and Looney Tunes years, when artists could joke by setting expectations with a chunky piece of classical music and then disproving them with silly characters. Others were one-off hits that made it into commercials or became famous examples of hip-hop. It’s hard to hear certain tunes these days without thinking about Bugs Bunny singing along, some Ford truck rolling down the hills, or Summer 93. So download a playlist and get ready to remember every bit of pop culture.

What songs does everyone recognize but don’t know? | Ask MetaFilter


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