Meet Our New Senior Technical Editor

Hello Lifehacker readers. I’m David Murphy, a longtime Lifehacker fan, now its Senior Technical Editor. Previously as a writer at Wirecutter, I spent years exposing myself to Wi-Fi signals, including Wi-Fi extenders, mesh Wi-Fi networks, desktop monitors, gaming mice, and clunky virtual reality headsets. Four of you reading this may also remember me as the guy who put together a computer in a crappy cardboard box when I was a junior editor at Maximum PC . Ah, memories.

When I don’t download this, install this, contemplate new PC updates, or lose Hearthstone Dungeon Runs, I love to sing and play in the San Francisco Bay Area. (I really have to follow my true vocation as a professional bank.)

My goal at Lifehacker is to show you all the best ways to customize your Windows or Mac machine to your liking, including the software you need, useful extensions for your favorite web browser (s), tiny utilities to make your daily life even easier, and how get the most out of the web apps and services you already use every day. I’ll cover other hardware as well, but we’ll be here all day if I just list all of the tech product categories.

I have a lot of ideas to write about, but I really want to hear from you: Your devices are causing problems and you have no idea how to fix them? Have you just found an awesome new app or utility that will make you ten times more productive than before? Are you looking for a way to complete a technical challenge and need a little help to get started? Does your printer tell you, “Download a letter to your computer?”

Leave your questions and software recommendations in the comments below, email me at, or send crow on my Twitter, @ thedavidmurphy . By combining our capabilities, we can make the life of every person more interesting.


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