InstaWrimo Is NaNoWriMo That Uses Pictures Instead of Words

Every November, NaNoWriMo invites writers and prospective writers to create a novel for a month. This is an assignment that I have tried at least half a dozen times and completed once. Despite my limited success, I always try again next year because, to be honest, it’s a pretty fun exercise, even if I can’t always finish it.

This March NaNoWriMo is hosting a different type of competition. Instead of using words to come across it, you use pictures.

Called #InstaWrimo , this is a month-long challenge that asks you to post an image of something new every day. The goal of the exercise is to “get you thinking about your writing habits and tools in your creative backpack.”

If you’re missing the November NanoWriMo, this could be a worthy way to breathe life into those creative juices again and perhaps get some inspiration for a novel you want to write later this year.

Here are the tips:

There are no hard and fast rules here, so you can take the clue literally or use it to think outside the box and place something next to the clue.

Since they’ve already provided you with all the tips, you also have a little time to come up with some creative options for some of the tips later this month. I know I am personally looking forward to posting this Shelfie.


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