How to Kill a Lobster in the Most Humane Way

In an attempt to consider the lobster and its well-being, Switzerland has banned the practice of boiling them alive. According to USA Today , the new law is the result of research showing that lobsters do feel pain, which makes boiling death especially cruel. (This is a fair choice.)

There are two Swiss-approved methods for killing sentient sea beetles: electrocution, which is inconvenient for the home cook, and “calming the lobster by dipping it in salt water and then stabbing it in the brain with a knife.” Instead of dying in a matter of minutes – which probably seems like a long time when you are boiled to death – the crustacean dies instantly. (Switzerland, however, does not recommend freezing animals to numb them; in fact, they also banned the transport of animals on ice.)

If you are unsure how to do this, watch the video above. Simply place the lobster on a cutting board and firmly insert the tip of a sharp knife into the base of the head (where the shell enters the tip), cutting the head in half. Lobster is dead and ready to cook. (You may notice slight movement of your feet and claws, but don’t worry, this is just a nervous system reaction.)


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