What Have You Added to Your Home Office That Helps You in Your Work?

Congratulations, you got the opportunity to work from home! You will be the designer of your own office, where you can customize every detail to suit your aesthetic, work and ergonomic needs. It’s cool, but it’s also a lot of pressure. The way you surround yourself influences your productivity , so it’s best to consider this before decorating your walls with movie posters from Adam Sandler and purchasing a mini fridge with cheese sauce.

Order lunch, fire up Slack, and schedule an afternoon shower. It’s Work from Home of the Week ! From our sofas and local coffee shops, Lifehacker gives you tips to keep you productive, balanced, and sane, whether you work from home all day or your entire career.

What have you added (or removed) from your home office that has helped you perform better? A chair for perfect posture? An LED lamp that can be dimmed according to the light level in the room? Do you have a cool, fancy Kanban board that has become your secret weapon to reach your goal? Maybe it’s a quote that makes you fuss, like: Look in the mirror: this is your competition. Or maybe it’s a cat sitting on your lap and lowering its heart rate as you fill out budget reports.

Tell us about the best add-ons for your home workspace in the comments. What will help us be more efficient, think clearer, and do more great things?


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