Optimize Your Twitter Experience With This Browser Extension

Twitter announced this week that it is ditching its Twitter desktop client for Mac . The app was poor and had a 1.7 out of 5 rating at the time of death, so it’s probably safe to say that it won’t be missed.

However, the web version of Twitter also leaves a lot to be desired.

If you really want a desktop Twitter client, you have options like Tweetbot and Twitterific. However, this week I stumbled upon another free web option that is definitely worth checking out: Twitter Enhanced.

As the name suggests, the browser extension (available for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera) takes the traditional Twitter experience and then optimizes it a bit, removing some things you probably don’t need while adding useful features you do.

At a basic level, it removes things like suggestions about who to follow and trends so you can focus on your flow rather than all the junk going on around it.

New tweets are also automatically uploaded to the top of your feed as they appear, rather than showing up as a “Three New Tweets” message that you have to click to see them. Promoted tweets are also removed, which is honestly a reason to use the extension on its own.

There are also several additional features. What I love the most is that when you post a link on Instagram, it actually embeds your Instagram image into a tweet. I keep forgetting that Twitter and Instagram are incompatible with each other.

The extension also highlights your mentions in your stream, adds a Like button to the main nibber, and hides the annoying notifications you receive when you get a new subscriber or are added to the list.

By and large, this is the same as what you get from Twitter on the web, only slightly better.


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