How to Get a Missing “View Image” Button Back on Google

If you use Google image search a lot, you probably noticed that the company recently removed the “View Image” button from the search results.

The button will allow you to view the full-size version of the photo without having to visit the page on which it is published. For example, you could take a look at the big picture of the laptop I posted above without even seeing this post to which it is attached.

This was useful if you wanted to hook an image to use for something like a desktop background or start a Facebook event, but it also resulted in a serious copyright infringement, which led Google to remove the option thanks to a new deal. which he concluded. with Getty Images.

If you’ve used this feature a lot , you can still get a similar experience with another search engine: Startpage .

The browser is privacy focused and provides Google search results, but without targeted ads and more privacy. Plus, as Hacks notes , it still has a View Image button that can be used just like the old one was at Google itself.

If you are one of the many who lacks this feature, then it is definitely worth checking out.


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