What’s Your Favorite Fast Food You’ve Had Overseas?

Usually I’ll tell you first that you should immerse yourself in some real local cuisine when you travel to another country. This is one of the most important aspects of culture. But I will also be the first to tell you that you should fully expand your fast food chain in other countries. They’re cool! If so, what do you like best that you just can’t get here in the states?

Personally, I have eaten at McDonald’s in several countries. I know how American I am. But it’s cheap food that you’re probably familiar with, and the menu items specific to each country are adorable. I did the Cheese Royale, but my favorite was Japan. How about an egg cheeseburger ? Yummy. Or maybe a teriyaki burger ? Yes please. Better yet, how about a burger with shrimp or burger with chicken Tatsuta in limited numbers ? This is a fried chicken cutlet topped with soy sauce and ginger, placed on a cabbage pillow, topped with a spicy creamy egg yolk sauce, all packed into a super soft bun.

Although I like McDonald’s, KFC is my true love and Japan is the pride of KFC. They have great fried chicken, great Japanese flavor and this is the place to eat on Christmas Day. My favorite food is their Japanese style chicken cutlet sandwich . Katsu style fried chicken drenched in super-umami sauce, lettuce, mayonnaise and bun. I’ll take one of these with me, some cool fries and one of your donut-shaped tortillas , please.

So what did you get from an overseas fast food chain that was unique? Let us know in the comments below.


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