Pay Artists (or Get Paid) With These Platforms

Whether you’re a fan of an indie artist or a creator looking to make some money, it’s time to learn more about sites that can help you support the work you love (or get support in doing the work you love). Sure, you can buy a group shirt or piece of art from your favorite watercolorist, but if you want to contribute to help your favorite starving artist fill his coffers so they can keep creating more things they like, you can use these sites. to ensure a more stable and secure income stream. In the end, every little thing helps.


Flattr uses a slightly different method of collecting money from supporters. A subscription-based donation platform divides your chosen monthly subscription price, starting at $ 3 per month, between the sites you visit that support Flattr. The longer you spend on these Flattr-powered sites, the more money they get out of your chosen monthly fee. To enable this feature, you need to browse sites on a computer running Chrome or Firefox along with the Flattr browser extension .

Creators using Flattr must use their own sites. To benefit from Flattr, they will follow the company’s instructions and insert a line of code in the header of their site that links their Flattr account to the site. You will also be able to see how much of your monthly subscription goes to each site. As a creator, you can withdraw your winnings from Flattr (minus 10% processing fees) to cash in on your good, good content.


Drip is a Kickstarter subscription-based service similar to Patreon’s business model of recurring donations to creators. You’ll find some pretty popular artists like Reggie Watts , Peter Burr, and Chantell Martin , although you probably won’t see your friend and his band just yet. Drip is available by invitation only right now, so not everyone with an idea will be able to use the crowdfunding service. The company says it will open it to the public in 2018, so keep an eye on it. Subscribers can choose a donation level determined by the creator and should expect to pay each month in exchange for creator rewards such as additional songs or project updates. In terms of fees , creators can expect a 5% processing fee along with other fees depending on the currency they are using.

Group camp

Bandcamp is perfect for musicians who want to get paid for their music rather than giving it away for less than a penny on streaming platforms. With the pay-what-you-want option, in addition to the traditional price set by the creator, you can purchase albums or individual songs from musicians. Depending on the artist’s choice, you can download audio files of different quality levels and purchase physical goods such as recordings in addition to digital files. The included iOS and Android app lets you download and stream purchased music, and search for new tracks.


A subscription service similar to Netflix, Patreon is a fairly popular donation-based crowdfunding site. If you are an artist, you can sign up to create an account and complete your creator profile page where you can describe what you are working on and any benefits that subscribers receive after becoming patrons. You can choose to receive money monthly or whenever you create content (this means users will be charged a fee, for example, every time you release a new song, artwork, or podcast release).

Artists can share exclusive content with subscribers, such as private RSS links for member-only content such as podcasts, and exclusive access to Discord if available. You can donate as little as one dollar a month and support as many artists as you want.

To support Patreon contributors, subscribers can visit the Patreon creator page and select one of their subscription levels. Subscribers are billed on the first of every month for their aggregate subscription fee or whenever a creator releases a new product as part of their subscription type.


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