What Are Your Meal Plans for Valentine’s Day?

Hello and welcome back toWhat’s Cooking? , an open thread where you can share your brilliant thoughts, tips, recipes and opinions on all food related matters. Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I want to hear all about your plans, or lack thereof.

Eating out on February 14th is always a nightmare. Not only are the restaurants absolutely slammed, but most places don’t even offer their full menu. I usually cook something for my partner, but I don’t mind ordering a heart-shaped pizza and grabbing six packs of cheap beer. There’s really no wrong way to celebrate love with food, and I want to know what your plans are for a romantic dinner (or breakfast, or lunch). As always, I have questions:

  • If you cook at home, what will you cook? I won’t be cooking anything on Feb 14 as I have a date with John Waters (offclair soon), but Saturday morning I’ll be making a simple Valentine’s breakfast or bacon pancakes. I could cook something on Friday night if I can choose between a nice platter of cold cuts or a lot of that lobster . (The correct answer is probably both.)
  • Do you like dinner, breakfast, cocktail hour, or anything else on Valentine’s Day? I can dive deep into the topic and will probably end up doing all of the above.
  • What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day meal? (I want to hear the good, the bad, and the bad.) A guy and I once ordered a heart-shaped pizza from some chain, bought a raspberry lambic, stayed at home and ate it all while watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force at our restaurant. pajamas. It was my first Valentine’s Day with a partner living together, and it was immensely enjoyable.
  • Which dish do you choose when you need to spark your love interest? I found the perfectly cooked pork chop to be even more impressive than the perfectly cooked steak, so I’ll check out a couple of these bad guys with bones if I really want to impress.
  • What is your situation with drinks on Victory Day? My partner doesn’t drink, but he loves Hawaiian punch, so I think I’ll buy him some cans (my corner store sells them in cans and he loves them). As for me, I have a can of sparkling rosé wine in my fridge, which I’m very happy to taste, but usually I don’t drink that much on dates.
  • Is an artfully crafted cheese plate the perfect Valentine’s Day meal? Unless your lover is lactose intolerant and vegan – I think you could do a lot worse than a bowl of cheese, olives, and some really great crackers. Really good honey makes it special.
  • Are you one of those daredevils heading out for a romantic dinner? Do you have any booking tips? I do not.
  • What’s the best “I don’t have Valentine” dinner? I love the giant rib with baked potatoes, salad and a bottle of wine, which is definitely outside the price range.

As always, feel free to rant, lecture, or admire anything even remotely related to our topic. I love a good Valentine’s Day tirade.


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