Just Order the Cheapest Wine for Dinner

On this Valentine’s Day, you may have given your loved one a gourmet dinner. You have budget for everything: a few appetizers, main courses, and a discreetly divided dessert. When you get to the restaurant, the lighting is good, the music is soothing, and you feel good about what the night can lead to . And then the waiter brings you a wine list.

If you are hesitating between the least expensive options (in other words, like me, you know little about wine other than your liking), just order the cheapest option. Restaurants are the second least expensive because they know you don’t want to appear too cheap before a date, but that you don’t want to spend extra money on drinks, especially if the restaurant is more expensive than you usually go. …

A glass of wine will cost you at least $ 8 for dinner. Meanwhile, there are plenty of good options for under $ 15 for the whole bottle. It’s true that drinks are where a lot of restaurants bring in some money, but if you are already paying for good food, there is no need to opt for a glass that is $ 1 or $ 2 more expensive, especially if you can’t feel the difference. If the restaurant has a good sommelier, the cheapest option will still be delicious.

Of course, there are exceptions: you like Chardonnay and the cheapest option is Pinot Gris; you are a bit of a connoisseur and are willing to go all out for a good bottle, or wine is your dating favorite and you want to impress them; you are very rich, and it does not matter how much you spend on wine; you dine at the Cheesecake Factory where the cheapest wine is the restaurant’s own reserve blend, which is not good (trust me); etc.

This tip is exclusively for people who love wine but feel guilty about ordering the cheapest glass because they are afraid they will look artless or ungrateful. Nothing wrong. There will be enough over-pressure on Valentine’s Day without over-worrying about the cost of your drinking.

To your health.


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