Check Out This Subreddit to Be Boring

Even though people ridicule the Internet as a place to express their most boring thoughts, there is actually such fierce competition for attention that if you want any kind of reaction, you have to be very interesting. Even the famous subreddit/ r / milyinteresting is full of fascinating things like a panicked vending machine, surprise twins, and a nine-fingered pianist . Your boring story is not logged. If you don’t go to / r / benignexistence .

For example, Reddit editor Kidish Bambino made soup after a morning power outage . And the bunch opened a window . In an unusually dramatic situation, Talchai sometimes gets nervous that their teachers don’t like them , even if they know it’s stupid. As you read these stories, you can let your mind plunge into a gentle gray haze.

The subreddit has been around for five years, but it really took off last year. Nonetheless, the most popular posts of all time still aren’t intimidating: Mysticedge made two good toasts ; Richardrumpus has a favorite soup spoon ; Scarf saw a bee . Each of these posts has dozens of votes. What a comfortable low bar for you. Go ahead and imagine something completely trite. Everyone will appreciate it.

BenignExistence | Reddit


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