You Can Now Disable Websites Permanently in Chrome

Rest, my child. CNN autoplay videos won’t hurt you anymore. In the latest public version of Chrome, you can simply right-click any tab and select “disable site”.

You can do this even if the site is not making any noise at the moment. So go ahead and turn off any loud sites that you need beforehand. Lifehacker contributor Tim Donnelly demonstrates:

In the past, Chrome allowed users to mute tabs but didn’t remember which sites the user always wanted to mute. As we reported in December , Chrome introduced disabling autoplay in the beta version of Chrome 64. But now this change will affect all of us normal users using regular public versions of Chrome. (If you still want to mute the tab, you can re-enable this feature; scroll to the middle of this article in MakeUseOf .)

CNN knows deep down that you just wanted to read a news article, not watch a video that summarizes it. But CNN, like any other site, makes a lot more money from video ads than from static ads on a text page. So they just play the video immediately, without your consent, hoping that the ad will play before you finally stop it.

It’s stupid what sites will do to force video ads on you! They can even insert a video in the middle of an article on how to mute a video! What a world!


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