Mobile Apps People Regret

People use Grindr, Two Dots, and Reddit of their own accord. But according to a joint survey of the Moment mobile app and the Humane Technology Center, they don’t really like it .

Moment asked its users what they thought of the amount of time they spent in different apps. (The question is not whether users regret touching the app, but whether they want to spend more or less time on it.) The answers don’t shock you, but they are further evidence that you’ll be happier. if you uninstall some of the most used apps on your phone right away.

Of the 15 apps people regretted the most, none were typical for work. Two of them were dating apps, which can be seen as a necessary evil. Seven of them were social media apps, and many users might have cut them down. The other six were mobile games that anyone could delete immediately without any major consequences.

The project also lists the 15 best apps that users were happy with the time they spent: apps for meditation, reading, music, podcasts, fitness, and fun things like weather and calendar apps that users spend just a couple of minutes a day on. … It is noteworthy that using Headspace for just 4 minutes a day was enough for 99% of satisfaction.

The real difference is this graph, which tracks the average daily usage time of “happy” users versus “unhappy” users. If you’re trying to reduce the number of apps without uninstalling them, try tracking app usage with Moment and using those averages as your goals.

What is the difference between the apps we hold dear and the apps we regret? | Center for Humane Technologies


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