How to Wash Your Baby’s Bath

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Hey! Messy Q is for you! How to effectively (but safely) wash baby baths ?! And how often ?! This dirty soapy water always pisses me off … Thank you!

You are right that you were exhausted by this dirty soapy water! Not because it’s actually so terrible in itself, but because, left in place, soap residue and residual moisture create the perfect home for mold, mildew, and Serratia marcescens, a pinkish orange-brown bacteria that often grow in solution. and around wastewater. prosper. So cleaning your baby’s tub regularly is a really good thing to do. Ideally, the tub should be wiped clean after every use, although if you can’t handle it because you are, you know, busy managing your little one, it won’t be the end of the world.

Some quick cleaning options

Fortunately, cleaning a plastic tub is a very simple operation that, if done regularly, will take less than a minute of your precious time. There are many good options out there, and we’d love to hear any tips and tricks you use that aren’t covered here.

Microfiber Cloths: This may seem overly simple, but using a microfiber cloth and water to wipe the tub will remove the lather effortlessly. I love these unkempt rags from Casabella because of their slightly rough texture, which cleans away residue without requiring a lot of lubrication on your part.

Lemon and Salt: If you use a lot of lemons when you cook, save leftovers and get a double function by using them to wash your tub quickly! All you need is a cut half of a lemon, even if it’s already sprinkled and sprinkled with salt – the acid and salt will peel and scrub.

White Vinegar: Oh yeah, our old friend white vinegar! White vinegar has antibacterial properties and, unlike chlorine bleach, is mild enough so that residues from using it as a cleaning agent won’t irritate delicate, youthful skin. For ease of use, dilute equal parts white vinegar and water and pour the solution into a small spray bottle that can be placed directly in the bathroom. Spray into the tub and wipe off the solution with a rag or paper towels.

Gentle All-Purpose Cleaner: If you like the idea of ​​using a spray cleaner with paper towels or a washable rag, but prefer a commercial product, there are plenty of good options out there that won’t leave harsh chemical residues behind. Mrs. Meyer , Method and Precision ( Precision — Wirecutter’s Choice of Best All-Purpose Cleaner ) – all offer effective all-round cleaners; If you prefer a fragrance-free product, check out Better Life ap. Method also offers an antibacterial spray for people who prefer a stronger product.

Disposable wipes: Like microfiber wipes , disposable wipes are a great way to quickly clean your baby’s tub without too much effort. Baby wipes work! Or adult bathroom wipes, or soft commercial napkins like those sold under the Greenworks and Method brands.

A good choice for deeper cleaning

From time to time, even with regular cleaning, you will likely need a more thorough cleaning of the baby bath. While the products are basically the same – a gentle all-purpose or antibacterial cleaner, white vinegar or even dishwashing detergent is perfect – when it comes to deep cleaning, you can switch to a different tool to help you really clean the outside. A Dobie Pad that won’t scratch plastic is a fantastic product, but an old toothbrush will work just fine and will be helpful if your tub has grooves that can lodge in plaque.

Another method to be aware of if your bath is stained is to use baking soda mixed with enough water to form a thick paste. I didn’t include it in the quick cleaning methods as it’s a little messy, but baking soda is definitely a cheap and gentle cleaning option, and it is also great at removing coffee and tea stains from mugs!


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