Become a Deep Learning Programmer From Scratch in Less Than a Year

Machine learning (also known as AI) seems strange and complex. It’s the technology behind image and speech recognition, recommendation systems, and all sorts of tasks that computers used to do poorly but are now really good. This includes teaching the computer to self-learn. According to data analyst Bargava, this can be learned in less than a year. You need to put in a solid 10-20 hours a week, but you will learn a lot along the way.

Bargava offers programmers a six-month, five step plan to learn deep learning. If you don’t know how to code yet, this is step zero. Try a free course on or lay out 200 dollars for the 10-week course Codecademy the Python .

Then follow Bargava’s instructions, which include additional online courses, a few solo projects, and additional reading. It can be exhausting, but Bargava says if you stick to it, by the end you will be able to “learn, follow and contribute to cutting edge deep learning work”.

How to Learn Deep Learning in 6 Months | Middle


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