What Should We Bake Next?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Will It Casserole , a column where we see what dishes, dishes and cuisines can be reimagined and turned into casseroles.

Last week, we cooked a hot Super Bowl dish with a triple threat – and we threw it out of the park – but now I want to explore some ideas that keep coming up but never materialized. These casserole bridesmaids deserve their day heck, so this week we’ll be picking from the following three:

  • Carne Asada Burrito Casserole: According to A-McGee9-3 , it will contain “diced ribeye, sauteed pinto beans (fried in duck fat), cilantro and lime rice, Jack cheese or queso fresco, and salsa verde.” … sour cream.
  • Take-out Chinese casserole : Use rangoon crab, as well as beef and broccoli.
  • Food Court Casserole: Someone mentioned pretzel dogs in our last discussion and I think this needs to be explored.

I usually advise you to come up with new ideas, but let’s pick one before adding any other great ideas. Tag your favorites and share what “food court casserole” means to you.


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