How to Do Manual Work

Handicraft does not enjoy the respect it deserves. This is an activity that many people (especially heterosexuals) have not done since adolescence. But just like palpating a woman , manually stimulating a man may be one of the best ways to target stimulation. Here’s everything you need to know to do great handcraft.

Make sure he’s on board

My first two steps are identical to my recommendations for touching a woman. Enthusiastic acceptance is the key to success. Some guys just don’t like handwork, or don’t want it at the moment. This is fine.

Enthusiasm is also important for the giver. Enthusiasm is so important to good sex. If your partner can tell you that you are just doing the movements, it will be very difficult for him to lie down and accept. If you’ve never worked with your partner before, play along. Let him know that you want to try something new and give his penis close attention. Compliment the size and shape of his penis.

Get ready

Wash your hands and make sure your nails are short and smooth.

Let’s quickly remind you of the anatomy. The shaft is the larger part of the penis. It is covered by the head of the penis, which usually looks like a mushroom cap. The head will be open if circumcised, and covered in the foreskin if not circumcised. If uncircumcised, the foreskin usually retracts on its own when it is erect, so the glans of the penis is exposed. On the underside of his penis is his bridle. It looks like a small seam and is usually very sensitive. At the base of his penis are his testicles. The strip of skin between his testicles and anus is called the perineum.

To take a position

Lay him on his back. If he wants to watch what is happening, he can sit down a little, cushions behind him for support. Sit between his legs, facing his head. You can sit cross-legged or stretch your legs over the top of it. You want to be comfortable for a decent amount of time, so maneuver however you like.

Use a lubricant

Lubrication is absolutely essential for great handcraft. The penis does not self-lubricate, you need to use a lubricant to make it go smoothly. I love silicone lubricants like Pjur Original – best because you can last forever without having to reapply. They also feel great on the skin.

Ask him to show you

One important tip I missed when going through a woman’s article – ask her to show you what she likes! This tip also works for handicrafts. Tell him, “I want to see what you do when you touch yourself.” Then pay attention to his grip, technique and speed. It’s incredibly erotic to watch.

In particular, I think it’s helpful to understand how hard he is squeezing his penis. If you don’t have a penis, you may feel nervous about too much pressure. But the most common complaint I hear from men is that their partners don’t use a firm enough grip. If you can’t get a clear enough picture of him, try this: Grasp his penis and slowly increase the pressure. Ask him to stop you until you reach the pressure he likes best.

Reduce your main movement

The basic handmade technique is to move your hand up and down the shaft. I recommend gently rotating your wrist back and forth as you move up and down to give it extra stimulation as you move. Focus on the sensitive head. You can slow down a little when you get to the head, or squeeze a little harder.

Once you’re comfortable, you can try using two hands. You can put one fist on top of the other and move it up and down at the same time. Or try intertwining your fingers and grabbing his penis with both hands. Another fun trick is to grab the head of his penis with one hand and slide it down the shaft to the base. Once you hit the base, repeat the movement with the other hand. Release at the base so that your arms continue to move in only one direction. Keep doing this over and over. It will seem to you that it infinitely penetrates your hands.

Involve other parts of the body

While you work with one hand on his trunk, with the other hand, explore the rest of the genitals. The testicles are a great place for stimulation. Be more careful with his testicles than with his trunk. Take both of his testicles in your hand and gently squeeze or pull on them. The skin between his testicles can be especially sensitive, so try holding the skin lightly between your thumb and forefinger and slowly moving your fingers from the base of the testicles to the edge.

You can also play with his crotch and anus. Press firmly on the perineum with the lubricated joint. Kneading movements can work well. If you have his permission, you can also put some pressure on his anus.

Ask for feedback

Don’t be afraid to ask him for his opinion on what he likes best or what he wants to do from you. Conversations during handicraft can be really hot – and very rewarding!


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