Scan Your Social Profiles As a Potential Employer

Whether you’re looking for a new job, or just want to keep your social presence shut, there’s a new tool that makes it easier to find posts that you might not want your future boss to see.

BrandYourself , a company that has been around since 2009 to help you keep your social presence clean, launched an online reputation tool that scans your Google search results, Facebook page, and Twitter profile for potentially employer-unfriendly posts and results. It builds the following:

  • Reputation Rating : The credit rating of your online reputation according to the company. He gives you a number up to 800 and rates your presence from very poor to excellent.
  • Reputation report: The report identifies the factors that can most affect your reputation (for example, he flags tweets and Facebook posts that he thinks might harm you).
  • Reputation Builder : A to-do list to improve your online reputation.

It took a few minutes to analyze my accounts and gave good feedback. But there are limitations. At least for the free versions, the site crawls your Facebook and Twitter pages and Google search results, leaving your other social profiles vulnerable. For most people, that means your Instagram. If you’re in the process of looking for a job, consider making it private or removing messages that your future boss might not want to see. (By the way, all your non-work social profiles should be private. Come on now.)

More importantly, it seems like it only looks for certain words like “sex” and images like a bottle of beer and marks them as negative regardless of context. On the free test, I got 413 points out of 800 “bad”. BrandYourself tagged a lot of my Twitter feeds, which were either 1) articles from a post I was working on, or 2) headlines from news stories like President Trump’s Access in Hollywood, and Trump urging people to check out Alicia Machado … a sex tape of her campaigning against him (remember that?). It looks like the tool, at least the free version, isn’t quite prepared for the brutality of the Trump presidency.

You can upgrade to the annual version (which updates automatically) for $ 99.96, which allows you to set filters and remove posts right from the website. (Or, if your issue is with Twitter, you canpre-search for suspicious posts flagged by BrandYourself and remove them from your account.)


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