Build This Snack Stadium If You’re Crazy and an Architect Too

Do you like soccer? Do you like snacks? Do you have a 10 ” double bevel miter saw? Then get ready for a do-it-yourself project that will appeal to young children and Super Bowl guests alike. Because we all know it doesn’t matter who wins or loses, what matters is how many layers of deep are under your avocado turf for twin bed sized plywood snacks with tiny spotlights and a functional Jumbotron.

If you are the type of person who thinks the Super Bowl party is Lay’s bowl and an IPA event, then this project is not for you. But for those who are serious about snacks, those who know that the snack stadium – or, if need be, the “diner” is as much a part of the game day as a Gatorade shower, get your fingernail guns and elbow grease. because it is included.

A perfectly sane person known as Good Mom has blessed us with instructions on how to build a plywood snack stadium that might not be as intense as some (I’m partial to a candy bed as a base), but it’s definitely one of the most elaborate. … It is so gigantic that it requires a base over five feet wide to stabilize it.

The Super Bowl will take place this Sunday. Surely you can spend 35 hours building this gorgeous food arena?


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