This Web Application Stores Divorce Papers for You

As peaceful as it may be, divorce is difficult and expensive. The decision to divorce is a big decision, immediately followed by another big question: How do you do it?

Divorce usually requires lawyers, countless conversations, and tons of money that you would rather not spend. A new web app called ” It’s Over Easy ” tries to make it a little easier by putting the entire experience online. Admittedly, this solution will only work for the friendliest divorces, but nevertheless, if you are planning to get a divorce and are still on good terms with your spouse, then this can also be an inexpensive and easy way to do it. happen.

The app was created by renowned divorce attorney Laura Wasser. She has divorced people like Britney Spears and Stevie Wonder. When non-celebrity friends asked her to help with their or their friend’s divorce, she realized she had nowhere to send them and the app was born.

Basically, “ It’s Over ” is an easy way to fill out and file your divorce papers. The app will ask you a series of questions, and as you answer, your answers will be filled with office documents that you can sue (or get an attachment file for you).

The application can process documents for child custody, support and division of property, if you and your spouse have already come to some kind of agreement on this matter.

Again, this is not something to use for people who need to grapple with the subtle point of their split, but more for internet savvy people who have already gone through it all and just need help to make it legally formal.

Videos with Wasser’s explanatory forms are included in the tricky parts, and each package includes a real face-to-face conversation with a lawyer who can help you figure out the finer points or answer any questions.

The base plan costs $ 750, while the top premium plan costs $ 2,500 + processing and government fees.

Yes, getting a divorce online isn’t the most romantic choice, but if you prefer to do everything in the privacy of your own home, it might be a worthwhile decision.


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