Stop Giving Life Advice, Bill O’Reilly, You Evil Scumbag

A few weeks ago Lifehacker team tried to find some way to discuss periodic tweets Bill O’Reilly’s “Tip of the Day” in our Famous as the site of the Council of the day. I gave up work because what is there to say? The tips are bad. But then another of these damn things slipped into my feed:

Sadly, it should come as no surprise that Bill O’Reilly will happily continue his high-profile life outside prison or bankruptcy court after paying at least $ 45 million in settlement of at least six sexual harassment cases . It is somewhat reassuring that each of his tweets is littered with mocking responses from people with a sense of decency. But what O’Reilly thinks he can mention bath stress relief without being permanently removed from the internet is overkill.

You’re bad for the world, Bill O’Reilly. When you are gone, people will rejoice in the streets. And you will only be remembered as a monster. Here’s a tip: get out. Also-

– Everyone knows that you spent $ 45 million on sexual harassment claims, oddly enough.


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