Tell Us How You Pay Taxes

Did you hear that? It’s the sound of sighing sighs from employees getting their W-2s in the mail while accountants dust off their calculators in preparation for tax season.

When I was younger, my father laid out how I should pay taxes on a bright yellow notebook. I am now “making them myself” by inserting numbers using an electronic file, although this year I am thinking of moving to a tax law. My taxes are as simple as they are levied, so it is usually a painless process (save time when I owed New Jersey some money when I worked there for a few months).

And you? Are you using a free program or preparatory program? What are your tips? Do you keep track of events throughout the year, or are you trying to put all your documents together at the last minute? Are you applying ahead of schedule, waiting until the last day, or applying for an extension? Has a scammer ever stolen your income? How did they change when you got married?

Leave your thoughts and complaints in the comments.


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