Replace “racially Charged” With “racist” With This Chrome Extension

Some things may be truly “racial” but not racist. But in mainstream media, the former is usually the code of the latter. If you are tired of seeing racist nonsense justifying itself as simply “racially motivated”, install the You Mean Racist Chrome extension ? … Then, whenever you see a site that uses the phrase “racist”, you can click a button to replace it with the bright red word “racist.” Here we used it to copy and edit the HuffPost:

The extension does not create an “echo chamber” (which is a meaningless phrase to avoid racism anyway). The word filter is not applied until you click the button. It doesn’t post the changes anywhere. It’s just a way to deal with cowardly language, laugh at it, and remember that, like you, many others recognize a racist when they see him.

Do you mean racist? | Chrome Web Store (via The Outline )


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