How to Turn Off Annoying Google Ads That Follow You Online

It’s no secret that Google makes most of its money by tracking our activities and directing ads to us, but these ads might get a little less annoying as of today. The company announced a new feature for its ad settings tool that allows you to mute certain products that you’re tired of seeing wherever you are.

We have all experienced this, even if you were not aware of it at the time. You visit a retail website to check out a product (like a pair of shoes or a new video game), and before you know it, that same product follows you wherever you go online, enticing you to buy it.

Google calls these reminders and in some cases they can be helpful. Most of the time, however, they just get in the way – I already know I can’t afford these shoes, Google, but thanks for reminding me.

Now, thanks to the latest update, you can turn off certain ads. All you have to do is go to the Google Ads Settings site and scroll down to the new Reminders section. Then click the “x” next to the products you’re tired of seeing and Google will mute them for 90 days (the company says most advertisers don’t care about follow-up after three months).

As part of the same update, Google is also making some improvements to its Disable This Ads feature, which allows you to hide certain ads directly from the site or app where they appear. In the future, when you disable ads on one device, it will no longer be displayed on all your other devices. The Disable This Ads feature also extends to even more apps and websites, so you can always remove annoying (or offensive) ads with just a few clicks.


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