Find LGBT Friendly Cities With Destination Proud

You don’t want to live in a place that doesn’t respect you as a person. Created by PFLAG Canada and ad agency FCB / SIX, Destination Pride ranks cities around the world based on the legal rights and protections they provide for LGBTQ people. Even though it is designed as a vacation appraiser, it is more helpful when choosing a place to stay for long term.

Find a city and Destination Pride will rate it based on local, state, and national civil rights laws and recent relevant social media conversations. It summarizes the results in a nice rainbow flag graph. At the city level, scores don’t always match the potential of a place as a vacation destination ( Fire Island gets 65 out of 100 and Miami Beach 39), but is the best indicator of whether you can actually build life there. (For example, most destinations in the US have a terrible record of home remedies and employment.)

International assessments vary even more widely. Buenos Aires scores 82 points; Tokyo scored 36 points; Paris – 71 points; Cairo scored 4 points (some cities are only assessed by regional or national data.) While Destination Pride does not provide a complete legislative breakdown of destinations, sorting them by category is a good starting point for further research.

Ian McKenzie of FCB / SIX tells Co.Design that the tool is simply providing a quick snapshot and is designed to help set expectations. (Different cities in the same state may have the same ratings, even though they have very different local sentiments.) Mackenzie hopes this tool can become part of larger tourism resources; it would make even more sense on real estate sites. A rainbow rating on Trip Advisor or Zillow can even help a state or city realize the financial benefits of protecting fundamental human rights.

Destination Pride | via Co.Design


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