Convert Your IOS Photos and Videos for Better Compatibility Everywhere

iOS: If you’ve tried to manage your photos and videos on anything other than an iPhone, you may have encountered compatibility issues preventing you from opening, downloading, or editing certain files. This is thanks to Apple’s new compact HEIF image and HEVC video file formats, which offer space savings over the older JPEG and H.264 formats, although they are not entirely useful if you can’t open the file at all. … Here’s how you can stick to time-tested image and video formats until more companies figure out how to maintain the new standards.

Change your camera file format

Open the Settings app and scroll down to the Camera section. Here you can change options such as capture format for image and video, video quality and frame rate.

Select Formats and select Most Compatible to capture JPEG images instead of the newer HEIF / HEVC. Your photos and videos will now be in JPEG and H.264 formats, although 4K videos at 60fps or 1080p videos at 240fps will be automatically recorded in the new file formats. You can edit your photos wherever you want with no restrictions or the need to purchase image converting software.

Save some space by changing the recording resolution

Using older file formats can take up more space, so if you still want to reduce the number of files by a few megabytes, you can always record at a lower resolution. In the Video Recording section, you can select the resolution and frame rate for recording. Choose a lower frame rate (such as 24fps) for a smaller file and a more cinematic look, or choose a higher frame rate for more detail and smoother film.

Recording 4K content will take up a lot more space, so consider switching resolutions depending on the situation or how much space you have left on your device.


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