What Should We Bake Next?

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Will It Casserole , a column where we see what dishes, dishes and cuisines can be reimagined and turned into casseroles.

It’s time to once again choose a different casserole concept. We’ve had a lot of success with casing sandwiches, so I think we should develop something more abstract and conceptual. Some ideas I had:

  • Food court casserole: I’ve mentioned this a few times. Some sweet fried chicken piece will be involved. Also pizza.
  • Bagel Casserole: Maybe bagels and goof? (Although hot lox sounds disgusting.)
  • Red Lobster Casserole: You can buy a Cheddar Bay Biscuit Biscuit Mix that will take care of the coating.
  • Jalapeno Casserole : Or maybe a Releno Chili Casserole? Maybe a stuffed pepper casserole.
  • Cheese platter casserole: This is a weird idea, but you know when you get the perfect bite of a cheese platter with crackers, your favorite cheese, a little honey, and some dried fruit? I feel like we could take this moment and turn it into some kind of big brie brie situation. But maybe I’m a crazy dreamer.

These are my ideas. Obviously, if you have any of your own that I have not mentioned, leave them in the comments. You often have very good ideas.


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