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The New York Times has just released a calendar that is even more useful than the astronomical calendar of events . The NYT 2018 Book Events Calendar , available to Google or Apple, includes highly anticipated book releases from the likes of Zadie Smith and Dave Eggers, as well as events, literary anniversaries, and movie releases based on popular books like Ready Player One and Where’d You Go Bernadette?

Some highlights of the next few months:

  • January 23: Winter , the second book in the autobiographical series “Seasonal Encyclopedia” by Karl Ov Knausgaard, comes out in English.
  • February 5: Zadie Smith’s essay collection ” Feel Free” is released .
  • February 12: Judy Bloom turns 80.
  • March 1: Ten writers receive $ 50,000 each from the Whiting Awards.
  • March 9: The Wrinkle of Time hits theaters.
  • April 15: Pulitzers!
  • May 30: BEA (BookExpo America) returns to New York, followed immediately by the more fan-driven BookCon.

The calendar is currently full until June and will be updated regularly. It’s a bit crowded with anniversaries and “in case you missed this” clutter, but you can scan it to find dates that are relevant to you and export them to your own calendar.

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