Clean up the Clutter of Your Hotel Room Right After Check-In

A hotel room, however well furnished, is a repulsive dream space. You have to do all your most intimate things in this place, designed, furnished and filled by someone else. You need to do it your own way. Listen to designer and traveler Karim Rashid :

If I’m going to spend three days there, I need to be really free and be able to think. I take every piece of paper, every note or book and put it in drawers to hide it. I don’t like visual clutter. And in the bathroom too – there is an insanely lot of stuff they stuff.

Rashid even moves furniture, turning the bed to face the window so he can wake up to the light. It sounds like a lot of work, but it also sounds … strangely reasonable if you can physically handle it? For example, of course you want to change the room a little. It’s yours right now, you took it off, get the most out of it. This is not a museum, you already use towels and possibly shampoo.

Obviously, clean up after yourself. Take some reference photos before moving anything. Leave a note to the service staff asking them to leave it as it is and promising to return everything back. Move everything back. Tipping a couple of dollars extra for their trouble. Still worth it.

Rashid also recommends storing everything in one closet or closet rather than spreading it all over the hotel, but that really depends on your style. Would you rather feel like you can pack up in 60 seconds, or feel like you’re not living on a suitcase?

The fact is that during your stay this room belongs to you. Make yourself at home and you will feel better every day you travel.

First Things to Do When Entering a Hotel Room and Other Travel Tips | Bloomberg


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