Best Guides for 30 Days of Yoga

January is the perfect playground for any habit you want to develop or take to the next level. One popular option for people who love yoga is to start a daily practice. Here are some of the best guides for doing your 30 day yoga class and some tips on how to make it manageable.

Who to follow

There are tons of ready-made yoga challenges you can join:

You can also do your thing by doing the yoga that you enjoy every day. If you have a favorite studio, check with them too: some of them will be doing their own thing, or you can renew your membership for a month to allow more activities.

How to stick to it

Only people who pay attention to their body and promise not to overdo it are allowed to do any kind of exercise every day. So if your wrists start to hurt, don’t do dozens of downhill dogs. Try these strategies to stay healthy:

  • Put some light or soothing activities in your back pocket in case you feel pain or frustration. Try this “anxiety relief” routine as you snuggle up against a stack of pillows.
  • Also bookmark some short procedures. There are tons of 5 minute videos that can save your butt if it’s bedtime and you realize you didn’t have the opportunity to do yoga today. For starters,this is a 5 minutebeginnerexercise .
  • Meditate. Yoga teachers like to say that yoga is really breathing , and not what posture you take your body into. So if you’re not ready for your workout, sit down and breathe a little.

What to expect

You won’t become a yoga master in just a month, but you can slightly improve your strength, flexibility, and balance. Be that as it may, you are likely to learn something about yourself.

Redditor Emayarkay wrote in the middle of the 2016 challenge that they felt their balance and strength improved . Avery Lucas wrote that she really got bored and found that she would rather do something in the studio than do a month of yoga at home. Leandra Medine found that she didn’t make much progress in flexibility (her original goal), but she did feel calm about what she can do in yoga class and why she does it.


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