Here’s What Would Make Watching Movies Worth the Money

We’ve heard for a long time that people just don’t go to the movies as often as they used to. For some, the reasons are obvious: it’s almost prohibitively expensive in some cities, and when your only option is the latest superhero movie, or a slightly older superhero movie , there isn’t much of an appeal for many viewers.

We asked you what would motivate you to come back after Bloomberg addressed the issue of declining ticket sales, and price and variety were indeed important factors. Throw in pesky seatmates and dilapidated cinemas, and it doesn’t seem to make much sense to get off the couch. And some of you, well, you just want to enjoy the movie with someone .

Here’s what else you suggested.

The value for money just doesn’t add up, especially for a family, Snaabin said. Lower your prices!

If my family goes to the movies, it costs $ 60, and that’s on a poor diet without soda, popcorn, snacks, etc. And that $ 60 gives 6 hours of entertainment, I’m counting on $ 10 an hour to have a good time. If I take a new game that the family wants, and my wife and I spend 30 hours on it, and my daughter – as much as 10, then in the first month of owning it we shoot less than $ 1 an hour, and some games will provide much more hours in during their playing time.

Many of you, including Koshka42 , have seen this in all the commercials, especially when you are already paying over $ 10 per ticket.

Last week I went to The Last Jedi, starting at 6:45 am. “Preshow” had been running half an hour before, in fact, these were commercials. Then we got more ads. Then finally a couple of trailers – in the MIDDLE of which they dropped another commercial, the first one for me.

What’s worse than paying $ 8 for a 12oz soda? We are waiting for 20 minutes, because the concession stands are understaffed. Dizzlepants offers a pager system.

The theater just updated some items by me. I went and ordered food from the new suggestions and they gave me a buzzer (as if you were waiting for your table in a restaurant). I was then able to select my spot and put my coat on, and when my food was ready, it popped out very quickly to grab it, which was still during the preview and the perfect time to start the movie. Truly game changer for me when watching.

Taking breaks, as suggested here earlier on Lifehacker , would also improve many of the viewing experience, says tsg , among many others.

Stop for 3-hour epic sagas with no intermission. I don’t care how comfortable your seats are, I can’t sit in one place for that long without a break.

So are the reserved spaces, as PoweredByRice explains.

For me, the reserved seats are great. I did this for The Last Jedi and reserved seats right in the middle. I didn’t have to come a few hours before the show. Everyone else had reserved seats too, and I noticed that the theater had a much more relaxed atmosphere. Not all people were stressed trying to find or save space and could walk through the show a few minutes before the show started.

One of the most common suggestions was by far to have bailiffs or theater staff who actually kicked people out for their obscenity. Working on My Night Cheese sums it up well.

Alamo Drafthouse – style rules.

  1. Don’t talk.
  2. No cell phones.
  3. No late admission.
  4. Break any of the above rules and you will be kicked out

And if you charge $ 10 for tickets and $ 10 for a little popcorn, there may be some kind of childcare center in the theater so that parents don’t have to spend an extra $ 50 on a nanny, LeftTexasChemist says . It would also ease the pain of other viewers when the babies started crying in the middle of the movie.

Free babysitting in the cinema or free babysitting. That’s all. Movie cost? Not a problem, because 3 hours of babysitting is 2 times more expensive than cinema tickets. Scheduling and then babysitting presence / availability … determines if you run out of movie tickets or not.

Claiborne Forrest Faulkner got creative by inviting theaters to offer old films and free mixers for BYOB screenings.

Reserve one screen for rollback movies and use the app so people in the area can choose what to show, for example. To any big movie theater executive reading – I’d happily pay $ 20 to watch Tarantino movies on only 21+ BYOB rate with free ice / mixers.

Basically , you want every theater to be the Alamo Drafhouse . If you have any more suggestions, leave them in the comments.


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