This Is What Tim Ferris Listens to While Working.

While some of us require monastic silence to complete anything work-related, many other people find music to help them focus. On our Upgrade episode with Tim Ferriss, he told us about the songs he listens to throughout the day. Here’s a quick rundown:

In the morning I usually listen to a Brazilian music station – most often it’s Bossa Nova Samba.

I listen to Mozart on purpose if I need to really indulge myself with caffeine, say, before lunch.

And in the evening, if I really need to go, I listen to heavier things like Beats Antique, which I really love to write because they don’t have vocals.

At the end of the day, I like listening to Federico Obele.

For every book I write, I usually use one or two films that I play in the background, so one of my favorite pieces of music is the soundtracks for certain films like Ratatouille …

… or Sean of the Dead.

Someone asked me, “So what did you watch for 4-Hour Chef?” and I was like, baby.

And you, dear readers? What do you listen to when you work hard?


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