The Most Controversial Posts of 2017

It’s impossible to please everyone on the Internet, but sometimes you hit the nerves online and things can get a little tense. Here are some of the posts that made your blood boil a little in 2017.

The secret behind this towering, fluffy pancake is mayonnaise.

No seasoning is as vitriolic and sickening as the emulsion known as “mayonnaise,” especially if you suggest using it outside of its “usual” uses. So this damn hacker pissed off both commentators and comedians, which was disproportionate in my opinion.

Guys, stop hat fishing to hide your bald head

It’s terribly rich, comes from a man with gorgeous head of hair who also wears a lot of hats (very good, I might add).

Why You Want To Be The Hero That Brings The Salad For Thanksgiving

It turns out that none of you wanted to be such a hero. (Confession: I didn’t eat any salad on Thanksgiving, so I guess you win.)

Let’s all stop saying, “Bless you”

Sneezing is nothing special and Nick Douglas wants us to stop treating them the way they are. It upset you very much, bless your hearts.

How to deal with complaints about complaints at work

It turns out that a lot of men don’t like being explained, and comments about it have turned (or perhaps blossomed) into a kind of meta-performance.

Coca-zero was bullshit from the start

The Sommelier of the Diet Soda has come out in full force to condemn our health editor’s point of view on the end of the popular sugar-free soda.

Happy Hour with 3 Ingredients : Very Simple and Good Highball Whiskey

Did I know and expect the whiskey brothers to get angry when I add sparkling water to a very good and expensive scotch? Yes. I did it anyway because it was there and was given to me for free? Also yes. Does that make me a troll? It seems, as it were, something like.

Help! My wife is a pornstar

Extramarital sex, whether “for work” or not, is always a sensitive topic, and many of you have suggested that the counselor ignore Patrick’s advice (I think it’s good) and leave his porn actress spouse.

Hang a tea towel inside the dishwasher to show that the dishes are clean

Many of you thought this was the height of laziness, remarking, “If you have time to put a towel in the dishwasher, why not just put away the dishes … yes.” I may be doing it wrong, but one of these actions definitely takes me longer than the other.

Stop teaching your preschooler to read

Your child will learn to read perfectly in school, which means you can focus on reading for him rather than having him read to you . I thought this news would bring relief, but some of you were not relieved.

Will it be sous vide? : Pig head

The footage of the graphic removal of the pig’s face in this video was so controversial that it was flagged and hidden on Facebook. However, I argue that meat is meat, as much animal as possible should be used, and that this is no more offensive than practical advice on using shampoo.


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