Most Commented Posts of 2017

This year, like every year, we have provided you with hacks. And you gave us your opinion about these hacks. It was fun. In truth, Lifehacker wouldn’t be what it is without our commentators. Here are the 10 most commented posts of 2017.

10. What Jimmy Kimmel’s child had to do to deserve medical attention, according to Republicans.

Most popular comment: “Dear Republicans, fuck you. Respectfully yours, Anyone who needs help and a telephone. ” – This … this … Midgard!

9. What does the end of net neutrality mean to you?

Most popular comment: “This is outright theft from US citizens. We’ve been subsidizing telecommunications since they first appeared in the 1800s, and these robber barons should serve us unhindered. Shame on these parasites. ” – dudebra

8. Let’s end the discussion on the pronunciation of GIF / JIF right now.

Most popular comment: “If you don’t pronounce GUI like JEWWY, get out of here with your JIF nonsense.” – labracadabrador

7. Doomsday preparation for non-paranoid people

Most popular comment: “Generally, you do NOT want to use distilled water for drinking, as it can flush electrolytes from your tissues to add to your mineral-free drinking water. This is necessary so that your body can function normally and get rid of toxins. Use purified water to which minerals have been added after filtration, or spring water. At the same time, drink gatorade, and everything will be in order. In addition, the FDA has changed its position on bottled water – the date on it does not mean that it is bad, it just may no longer taste good. ”

6. What is shock drain and why is it so dangerous?

Most popular comment: “Regulating firearm performance ultimately leads to competition between Congress and the manufacturer’s engineers. Guess which one is faster and more efficient? By the time of development and adoption of any legislation. There will be a dozen different developments from manufacturers in development or on the market that achieve the same result but meet the requirements. This is how we get the legal AR-15 in New York. This is a persistent obstacle that is overlooked in the discussion of gun laws. ” – Admiral the Incredible

5. Stop mowing the lawn

Most popular comment: “Unless the HOA requires you to take care of the value of your property or your relationship with your neighbors. In such cases, yes, you should probably keep mowing, even if society is wrong to expect it. ” – Clem Fandango

4. Let’s all stop saying, “Bless you.”

Most popular comment: “Has it come to this? Seriously Nick, if you have a problem with this, just tell the people in your life about it. You don’t need to start a crusade. I’m not planning to give up one of the world’s few remaining social subtleties like “Bless You, Excuse Me” and “Thank you.” If you want to stop communicating with people at all, be my guest. ” – kaizen

3. What’s your favorite regional dish that you think no one knows about?

Most popular comment: “Dumplings. If you know how to cook them (old school), then I really don’t need to tell you the region. ” – cutter (not very) gray (this is the new black)

2. Where to hide if a nuclear bomb explodes in your area

Most popular comment: “An old school refrigerator? Worked for Indiana Jones! “- DCCinNYC

1. Disgusting Chipotle order reminds us to be polite with service workers.

Most popular comment: “Assuming they get paid hourly and this is not more physical / psychological / emotional stress than their usual tasks, can anyone explain how unfair this is to the workers themselves?” – Just some guy


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