Have You Ever Used the Fitbit You Received Last Year?

I once had an activity tracker. I wore it for several months, then I got tired of it, and now I have no idea where it is. (Somewhere in my house, probably tracking down the fact that my dresser drawer went past step zero today.) But Fitbits and their siblings can be great tools if you actually use them. You too?

If you had a shiny new activity tracker in the past – perhaps last January? – we would like to know how it went.

  • How long have you been using it? Three months, and then you completely forgot about it? Or have you managed to use it for years?
  • Have you seen the results? Has the tracker helped you become more active or lose weight? What were your goals and has tracking your activity helped?
  • What were the defining features? If you hate wearing something on your wrist or if you absolutely needed the heart rate function, please let us know. (That said, of course, what kind of model it was.)
  • What do you recommend? Someone reading this has probably just gotten a fitness tracker over the holidays or is buying one now for a January permit. What would you like to know from the very beginning?


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