Best Recommended Bags of 2017

If your holiday season is about getting a new backpack, purse or suitcase as a gift, you are no doubt thinking about what you will put in this thing, as well as about what not to put in it (you don’t need four. diary). We scoured the internet and found some pretty fancy bags this year, so take a look at some of the best bags on offer for 2017.

Bring mittens for your trip to Antarctica

To travel to the South Pole, you will need more than just a parachute, especially if you are going to record the sound of a frozen landscape in motion. Audio engineer Nerio shared his bag, which is packed to the brim with audio recording tools, windshields, boom stands and multiple tripods to keep things stable in the snowy tundra.

This bag allows you to shoot anytime, anywhere

If you’re opting for a guerrilla style while filming any movie for your indie movie or family getaway, it’s worth packing the essentials and lightweight. Reader Alex Morean packs enough gear, along with a 3 axis gimbal , to capture all the scenes you want and move on to the next without having to set up or break an entire series of tripods and cameras.

Take a solar panel with you so you don’t go out all day

If you’re like me, the summer months mean a lot more aimless walks in your area, looking for places to sit on a thornless bench and enjoy the views. If you tend to take one or two gadgets with you, charging them can be important when you’ve finished eating and for some reason have eaten up your iPhone’s battery at a tremendous rate. Photographer Rich Hackney carries a fairly light shoulder bag and a solar panel to recharge when there is a little downtime in the middle of the day.

This premium rig is for professionals only.

Don’t be jealous, but this bag is impressive. Whether you are a seasoned photographer or a newbie happy with a shutter, you can appreciate all the equipment in the Floyd Dean Photographer’s Kit . This Vanguard backpack holds more than one Sony A7 full frame camera, a MacBook Pro, and any other photography gear you might need to get from candid shooting to a photo studio in minutes (thought it might take a while to break down).

Going on a hike? Collect the right gear

Of course, you will need certain gear as you climb the mountain, and the iPad may not be on the list. If so, take a look at this packaged travel bag for the Chanctonbury Ring mountain fort. It’s filled with protective gear, trekking livelihoods and some special clothing to keep you from lying down and getting bitten by insects.


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