Play Carcassone, Lost Cities and Other Eurogames Online for Free

You have six days of vacation left and you are running out of Lifehacker posts to read. Your parents’ house only has Sorry and Monopoly games. Try Eurogames, a European-style board game that’s less competitive or purely casual. The Happy Meeple site reproduces the board and card games Finito, Hanamikoji, Lost Cities, Level X, Glastonbury, Migrate, Keltis and Siberia.

Each game includes a guide for new players, and it’s a great way to try out Eurogame before you shell out fifty dollars for the physical version. Happy Meeple does a decent job of reproducing the cozy look and feel of games.

For more games, Metafilter points to Board Game Arena , home to Carcassonne, Hanabi, Puerto Rico, Love Letter, Seasons and over a dozen other games; and Yukata , home to dozens of games including Pompeii, Arcadia and Space Mission. And on a mobile phone, you can easily buy the official iOS version of Carcassonne , Catanne , and Ticket To Ride and the Android version from Carcassonne , Catanne , and the cost of a ticket ride .

So even if you didn’t bring a physical copy with you, you can teach your family a game that is n’t about slowly bankrupting each other with cubes.

Happy Meeple | through Metafilter


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