Best Advice of 2017

Everyone needs a little guidance sometimes, and this year we’ve spent quite a bit of time explaining it. Whether you’re traveling, saving money, looking for a purpose in your life, or wondering if you should send this member photo, here’s our top 2017 tip.

How to achieve your life goal and stop wasting precious time here on Earth

You don’t “find” your goal, you create it. Start by realizing that you don’t have a specific goal, and then choose what really, deeply excites you.

Where to go instead of Times Square when visiting New York

When I recently advised New Yorkers to skip Times Square , I was greeted with righteous anger by people who do not live in New York. To be clear: you are allowed to visit Times Square! But you are not allowed to go there, and then tell everyone that New York is smelly, crowded, too expensive and full of assholes. It’s like going to Disney World and deciding that everyone in Florida is called Mickey Mouse.

How to deal with a coworker who doesn’t dress properly

Unless you are someone’s professional leader, there is no place for you to comment on the appropriateness of his dress at all. Hell, even if they are subordinates, it is still inappropriate to say anything about their appearance. Get through the right channels, people.

Best advice for the greatest savings possible

There is one question I hear more often as a personal finance writer than any other. It’s not how to gamble in the stock market or become a billionaire – it’s just how to make the budget work while still keeping enough savings to comfortably retire.

How to stop being lazy garbage

You must learn to love the process. Working towards a goal is like a long walk. Some people wander, thinking only of how things will be when they get to their destination, spending the entire walk staring at their feet in despair. “I can’t wait to get there…” they say. Other people know they are heading for something, but allow themselves to enjoy the walk itself.

How to enjoy anal sex with hemorrhoids

The bad news is that there is no surefire way to permanently painlessly get rid of all hemorrhoids. But there are some things that can improve the situation a little. First, just because someone is having sex with your ass doesn’t mean they should be looking at your ass.

Why you should never send this dick

It’s just not worth it. Sexting can be hot for established couples if you’re both into this kind of thing, but otherwise just don’t . Use your words. Let it be a surprise. And you know what? Even if they explicitly asked for a close-up view of your snippets, this is a great opportunity to tease them a little .


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